Bobbie Ann Jackson is an amazing singer and songwriter, who started her passion for music at the young age of five years old, inspired by her family. She is a firm believer that nothing is coincidental but a divine purpose. For her, we need to tap into what our soul purpose is and never allow anyone to stop us from achieving our goals and dreams. 
“Only YOU can stop YOU! Always surround yourself with positive people and those that will support you and your gift.” - Bobbie Jackson.
SKYIE MAGAZINE: Hi Bobbie. Thank you so much for making time for us. We are really inspired by your music and beautiful voice and we believe more people will be as well, as soon they hear your story. First of all, what first got you into music?
Bobbie Jackson:  “Hello Jullie. I really appreciate the opportunity of being here. Thank you for calling me. What first got me into music actually was my mother teaching me how to play the piano. I was young and it was really fun for me.”
SM: Oh! Amazing. So, you come from a musical and artistic family?

BJ: “Yes I do! I actually had my father as my big inspiration for my music.” 

SM: Awesome. So how would you describe the type of music you make and what does this music mean to you?

BJ: “Describing my art? Let me see… My music is written from my life experience and pain. I put everything I went through and learned from life, towards my writing. Music means everything to me and for me. It allows me to heal and give me the strength and peace I need to move forward.”
SM: That is really powerful. So how is your creative process to make sure you will get to put everything you need into your songs?

BJ: “When I write, I not only think of myself but what impact it would have on others. I’m very careful in choosing the right words that will bring a positive and powerful message/vibe into my songs.”
SM: We can definitely see that and feel that when we listen to your songs. Thank you for being so thoughtful about how you will impact people with your art. You sing about trials and your life experience, so tell me, do you believe that the art of music can help people to heal? Did it help you to heal?

BJ: “The art of the music helps me heal because I’m writing from my soul as well as listening to other artists with the same passion. Sometimes we get stuck in a dark place and don’t know how to ask for help, and then we just carry ourselves in a certain way that we think we don’t need to deal with those situations of our mind and soul, but you do. What helps me is my music, and my writing. Writing out of what I’m experiencing at that moment to let others know that ‘You are not alone.’”

Bobbie Jackson talking about how the music heals and what she wants to pass to people with her music.

 SM: That is true. So your songs are like a hug on the soul. What is your favorite song to perform? And what is the story behind it?

BJ: “My favorite song to perform would be my original Trials of Life. The lyrics to this song minister to me when my father passed and my mother. Because prior to that it felt like my whole world was caving in on me. That’s when the lyrics came alive.”
SM: It is really an amazing, beautiful and strong song. And what is your favorite song of all time? And your favorite artists as well?

BJ: “I would say the song I like the most is “I love the Lord”, and I really admire Pastor Shirley Caesar singer. But, the late and great Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys, they have my heart.. Because these ladies sing with strong passion, love and compassion. You feel what they are singing and it speaks volumes to you.”
SM: I love them. Their songs really get into our hearts. Growing up, what was the best advice you’ve been given? And what is next for you?

BJ: “The best advice I’ve been given was from my mother. She always told me I can be whatever I choose to be and always put God first in everything I do. Be a leader not a follower, never give up but fight the good fight of faith. I would like to become a motivational speaker and singer by traveling around the world.”
SM: Oh, I can’t wait for that! You definitely will make it. To finish, what is the message you would give to people who want to start singing but don't know how or don't think they can?

BJ: “I would tell them if this is something you really want to do but don’t know where to start. First get voice lessons to know how to control your voice and know the pitch/sound, especially if you’re not sure you have the ability to sing. A voice coach will let you know. Never be discouraged if you’re not a singer, find out what you're good at and make that happen for you.”

Listen here the full song "Trials of Life" by Bobbie Jackson

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