Sheldon Kleeman is a Multi medium artist mixing assemblage and 2D with words and music....drawn to surrealism, abstract, social, political commentaries, etc. His influences are Dali, Klee, Picasso and Matisse. Advent reader Edgar Cayce, Joseph Campbell, Eckart Toll, Kahlini Gibran. 
“My objective as an artist is to find the abstract in the realism to let those colors and shapes define my work” - Sheldon Kleeman.

Artist Sheldon Kleeman

SKYIE Magazine: Hi Sheldon, is so good to have you once again with us. Can you tell us your full name, Age, where are you from and Instagram handle? 
Sheldon Kleeman: Hello. My name is Sheldon Kleeman and I’m 70 years old. Originally from Philadelphia, but now I’m living in Trento, NJ. 
SMAG: Nice. How would you describe the type of art that you typically create? 
SK: I can say I tell stories with pictures and words with music. The Interpretation is up to the person who is looking. Also, what you see the first time might be totally different from what you will see on the next. 
SMAG: This sounds amazing to be honest. Can you tell us how old were you when you started to create your art? 
SK: Oh, I was around 14 or 15 years old. I started with music, and when I was younger, at the age of 14, I carve a  statue from a lig I was hooked.

“Wooden.labeled”, First piece ever made by Sheldon Kleeman 

SMAG: What was the trigger that got you to do your art? What first got you into that? 
SK: To be where I’m with my art today, everything started when I started Journaling my feelings and emotions through pictures.

“Double Parking” Artist: Sheldon Kleeman

SMAG: This is a really cool piece! Now, can you tell us what does your art in general means to you? 
SK: Well, My work is a reflection of me. It's a way to share my feelings and emotions with others who might not know how. 
SMAG: That is great. And what about your creative process? How do you find inspiration for your works? 
SK: To be honest, Inspiration comes in so many different ways for me. The years I've spent doing art has taught me to look at everything... and I'm still defining my work as well. 
SMAG: Do you think art can help people heal? You said before you use your art to share your emotions with other, so, How does your art help your feelings? 
SK: Oh, yes! Art can do so much for a person and it doesn't take any formal training, just a dersire. Art has helped me in so many ways. Art comes in many forms and each person will find it on their own way. 
SMAG: Wonderful. Do you have another artistic talent? Can you share with us? 
SK: I would say Cooking. I was a professional chef. Also, writing prose and poetry, sewing, taking pictures, designing cloths, etc. 

“Lady Lighter” Artist: Sheldon Kleeman

SMAG: Wow! You are full of surprises! A professional chef? That is amazing. What is your favorite dish to cook? And about poetry and sewing, do you have any of thoses pieces to share if us if you are comfortable, of course. 
SK: I love to cook Seafood stew with a brown sauce. And yes, sure. I can share one of my poems. 
“Who Knows The Light In the still Ness of the morn Surrounded by faceless clouds The man travel in a crossed leg journey Waiting for the wander to subside It was then he knoewtgat the morn was not a new day...but the passing of a life time.” - Sheldon Kleeman

"Canned Fruit", Artist Sheldon Kleeman

“Sunday fun Day” Artist: Sheldon Kleeman 

SMAG: We are so glad that you are with SKYIE Magazine since the beginning. Thank you so much. Can you tell us which one of the featured art is your favorite? And the story behind it? 
SK: My favorite is the one I sent for the volume 6, “She is my guitar”. 
SMAG: What was the most difficult for you as an artist on your path? 
SK: I think, Rejection. Just because someone doesn't like your work doesn't mean that your work is bad. Thankfully people have met my work differently than rejection. 
SMAG: I can relate with that. What people think doesn’t define your work. Can you talk about your thecnique? 
SK: I start with a magazine, Preferably a vintage 1 and I'll see what catches my eye and go from there. I love to do opposites like fire and water. 

"She is my guitar", Artist Sheldon Kleeman

SKYIE Magazine Vol 6, featuring Sheldon Kleeman for the first time with us

SMAG: What is the best advice you’ve been given? And what would be an advice you would give to the artists out there? 
SK: Create and do it everyday, make it into a Routine. Even when you don't feel good, find a creative outlet and use it. 
SMAG: To finish, what is the message you would give to people who wants to start creating but don't know how or don't think they can? 
SK: Don't over think it. Listening to your head can be a major draw back. Nobody knows how to do everything, it's only when you practice, you will learn and  get experience. Learn how to use your eyes to see what you missed the first time. Look at your life with inspiration and you'll see what a difference that makes. Learn the 3 "p's - practice, patience and Persistence.
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"It is all a game", Artist Sheldon Kleeman

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